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These electric carts can fit in motor homes, in the back of a pickup, or even in most SUV or crossover vehicles. RVer’s and campers absolutely love the convenience the Cricket provides.


• Mobility here ever you need it!
• Great at horse shows
• Roll or drive a Cricket into a 7-foot-wide horse trailer.
• Compact and able to fit in small SUVs!



Cricket ESV starts at $2,999
The two seat ESV folds to a compact 50”L X
32”W X 28”H, with a top speed of 10 mph
and 30 mile range per charge. With
forward/ reverse switch, headlights, horn,
batteries and built-in on-board 24-volt
charger, rear utility box, and weights just 250

Cricket SX-3 starts at $3,999
The four seat SX-3 has a flip-down rear
seat/utility box, head lights, horn, turning
signals, forward/reverse switch, batteries
and built-in on-board 36-volt charger.
The SX-3 folds to a compact 58”L X
32”W X 28”H, with a top speed of 13 mph
and a 30 mile range per charge.
Weighing in at 303 pounds the SX-3 has
a 600 pound load capacity.

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Both Crickets come in a variety of colors with white seats or upgrade to optional black seats. An assortment of accessories is available including hand rails, matching resort top with windshield (SX-3) or bimini top with wind guard (ESV), Rear view mirror for resort top, storage cover, rain enclosure for resort top, 5-Star Ramps and Hauler Kits, and more. So, call or better yet, stop in today to give a Cricket a test drive! You’ll love our Crickets!

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